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The End

2011-06-01 22:09:19 by darkusPrince

Today, the twilight studios team decided to stop and close every proyect in progress, it was a great time, thank you all.

One less in the team

2008-09-11 22:34:13 by darkusPrince

Well, Black bear leave the team some days ago, but, he isn't a very important member, there are 2 more on the team, WAG, the graphics manager and the helper in the storyboard, WX Blue Dragon, The Sound Designer, and me, the Animator an the main writer of the storyboard.

One less in the team

Flash 9 for ML3

2008-06-15 01:42:36 by darkusPrince

that's right, i'll use Adobe Flash CS3 in ML3, and i'll improve the frames speed to 24 :P

Hard decition

2008-05-30 23:11:26 by darkusPrince

The episode have a problem, since i lost all the last archives, tue animation freezes the PC in the english version, so, i was thinking, i only will put the english version for obvious reasons, but it's not official, if i don't repair it, you know the answer

well, you can see the animation right now here:


Soon a Promo Flash

2008-05-14 01:01:31 by darkusPrince

it was a long time since i start to work in ML2, and i'll will upload soon a new Promo Flash of the episode 2, you wil see it probably in the next week

My PC works again

2008-05-09 22:46:58 by darkusPrince

but, there's a bad new too, i need to re-install all the programs >_<

program list:

1.- Flash
2.- Photoshop
3.- Audacity

There are other programs, but the 3 of above are the important ones ;)

Stupid Virus

2008-05-07 20:04:39 by darkusPrince

I have bad news, my PC was disturbed and I had to give format to the memory, i save a copy of the flash file, but I cannot continue working at the moment, when my PC start to work, i'll advice you in another occasion.


2008-03-30 22:21:28 by darkusPrince

yes, today it's my birthday, I'm 17 8)

well, i dont't have more comments, but, well, a, just don't comment ^^

ML2 Almost done

2008-03-27 22:46:53 by darkusPrince

that's a great new, i need only repair a few animation errors and it's done, maybe in april you can see it

ML2 Almost done

Metroid Legends Pixel Art

2008-02-06 18:00:15 by darkusPrince

here is a promo of the first Season of Metroid Legends: Shadows From the Past:

Metroid Legends Pixel Art